ada & ole


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Ada & ole are a hand-made pair of mirrors in a wooden base and manufactured in a small series.
Ole is a glass mirror with a diameter of 225mm on a disc of 2mm sheet steel. The powder coated metal is available in three different colours: beige red, granite grey and pearl copper.

Ada is a hand mirror, also made of a glass mirror (diameter 175mm) and powder coated sheet steel. The smaller hand mirror is also available in the above mentioned colours.
That means ada and ole can be composed in any colour combination you wish!

The wooden base is made of untreated european wild oak and has a size of 590 x 100 x 18mm.
Two notches allow you to arrage ada & ole according to your wishes and ideas. The right-hand part of the front notch has a lower angle – allowing for a flexible positioning, suiting your needs.

You like it more colourful? Just turn around the mirror!

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The WHIZZ lamp is a real all-rounder:
The versatility of the coated metal lamp unit means it can be used as a pendant light, a standard lamp, a wall lamp or a floor light.
Manufacturer of the whizz lamp is Faro Barcelona:


The VLADIMIR collection, consisting of a table, a side table and a stool, is based on a plain and simple construction: Vladimir comprises two oiled discs of European wild oak plus five metal rods, and can be constructed without tools. It has been inspired by the hyperbolic constructions of the engineer Vladimir Schuchov.


The design of the GRIGOR desk is derived from the
VLADIMIR: the four steel legs are screwed into their brackets for assembly without tools being required. The angled position of the legs holds the wood in place for the table’s storage. A drawer element in sheet steel can be put wherever you like to create
order on top of and below the desk.

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stilt houses


The stilt house transforms the traditional birdhouse into a contemporary design. With its minimalistic form it focuses on the essential functions:
Type A is meant for feeding, while type B serves as a nesting ground.
The uniform shape of the stilt house allows for multiple, personalized combinations of both types in its various colors. As the stilt house is mounted on a stake, it can be placed anywhere, with no need for any further contrivances, and, moreover, is also suitable for wall and tree installation.



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collection ply


Plywood panels are assembled from thin, laminated sheets of veneer, whose composition is visible in the cut edge. The horizontal structure makes it possible to stack individual frames as you wish, creating a series of forms with no visible joins. The cut edge becomes a surface in its own right. Knot effects bring life to the linear appearance.

The ply collection plays with the special properties of this material. Assembled from individual frames, the objects appear monolithic, as if carved from a single block. Linking elements required for the construction are hardly noticeable in the linear arrangement of the surfaces. Supported by the special construction of the drawers, there are no visible vertical joints to interrupt the structural lines. The outside walls of the drawers are also the outer wall of the furniture. The tapered feet stand in deliberate contrast to the massiveness of the main body. The surface panels are available in many different colours and coatings.

The variety of products in the ply collection reduces waste to a minimum. Almost all offcuts can be used for a further, smaller product in the range. Furthermore, the furniture has been designed such that the coated end plates can be exchanged with ease. The solid nature of the furniture also means that any damage can be repaired and sanded.
Timeless design, efficient use of resources, exchangeable parts and robustness all demonstrate the sustainable nature of ply.

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ply sideboard

The special construction and the texture of the surfaces combine to give this sideboard a real sense of monolithic solidity. The side walls of the drawers are also the outer wall of the sideboard itself, with no visible joins.
[h: 45cm, w: 120cm, d: 40cm]

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ply desk

In its closed position, the main body of the desk looks like a massive tabletop. The integrated drawer can hardly be seen thanks to the special construction and the horizontal structure of the furniture. The delicate feet lend it a certain lightness of appearance.
[h: 78cm, w: 130cm, d: 60cm]

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ply sidetable

This two-part item of furniture fulfils three functions in one: It can be used separately as a stool and tray or together as a side table.
[h: 50cm, w: 40cm, d: 40cm]

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ply bed

Thanks to the joint-free construction the bed frame looks as if it has been carved from a single block. The integrated slatted frame makes additional components unnecessary. Along with the double bed shown here the collection also includes a single bed.
[h: 34cm, w: 209cm, d: 149cm]

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ply bedside table

Inside the main body of the round bedside table there is a drawer in the form of a ring, which can be opened from all sides. The weights built into the base plate ensure that the table remains stable even when the drawer is open.
[h: 42cm, w: 42cm, d: 42cm]

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ply lamps

As well as furniture, the collection also includes lamps in three sizes and various designs. These are effective as individual pieces or in combination. The material used means that they emit a particularly warm light. The corresponding lampshades are also made of plywood. The textile cable is available in various colours and provides a style accent.
L [h: 21,5cm, w: 38cm, d: 38cm]
M [h: 23,5cm, w: 31cm, d: 31cm]
S [h: 28,0cm, w: 29cm, d: 29cm]

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