ada & ole



Ada & ole are a hand-made pair of mirrors in a wooden base and manufactured in a small series.
Ole is a glass mirror with a diameter of 225mm on a disc of 2mm sheet steel. The powder coated metal is available in three different colours: beige red, granite grey and pearl copper.

Ada is a hand mirror, also made of a glass mirror (diameter 175mm) and powder coated sheet steel. The smaller hand mirror is also available in the above mentioned colours.
That means ada and ole can be composed in any colour combination you wish!

The wooden base is made of untreated european wild oak and has a size of 590 x 100 x 18mm.
Two notches allow you to arrage ada & ole according to your wishes and ideas. The right-hand part of the front notch has a lower angle – allowing for a flexible positioning, suiting your needs.

You like it more colourful? Just turn around the mirror!

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